Welcome to the YMCA Community Pantry, a vital resource dedicated to fostering well-being and support within our community. Our pantry is more than just a source of food; it’s a place where people can come together to lend a helping hand and share in the spirit of generosity. Whether you’re in need of assistance or looking to volunteer, the YMCA Community Pantry is here to ensure that everyone has access to the essentials they need to thrive.

Supporting the YMCA Community Pantry not only helps our neighbours in need but also addresses the issue of food waste in our community.

What is a community pantry?
The YMCA will provide a bag of shopping every fortnight to those who need a little extra help.

Are we taking donations?
We are currently accepting tinned, dried goods and toiletries.

Each bag contains 8 essential items, thoughtfully selected for your convenience.

To ensure fairness and efficiency items in the pre-packed bags cannot be changed.

If there are items in your bag that you can’t use, please consider gifting them to a friend or leaving them for someone else.

Our community pantry operates on a first-come, first-served basis. Please understand that supplies are limited.

Join us in creating a stronger, more caring community.