Between 1875 and 1961 YMCA Neath operated out of a number of properties in Neath including the Green Mission House, 18 and 19 Queen Street, and 8 Orchard Place.

YMCA Neath’s purpose built home in Pen Y Dre was officially opened in 1961.

Having been founded in Neath in 1875 we have a long and proud history including during the First World War. We continue to research and try to capture information about our history and we would love to hear from anyone knowing the whereabouts of any records of interest.

YMCA Neath is unique: it hosts an annual Good Friday Morning  Breakfast  and this year’s breakfast was YMCA Neath’s 138th. It is an important event. It allows the Board of Management to meet with friends and supporters, celebrate achievements, and communicate its vision for the year ahead.


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