YMCA Neath: improving opportunities, and the quality of life

YMCA Neath is a thriving charitable organisation, providing a wide range of educational, recreational, and sporting activities for people of all ages from pre-school children through to senior citizens.

A wholly self-funded, non-profit making organisation; YMCA Neath offers a relaxed and friendly environment in which to learn new skills, and to meet new people.

Located within a Communities First area (Neath North), and close to areas of deprivation suffering from high levels of unemployment; Neath YMCA supports projects working with children, socially excluded young people, the unemployed, older people, those with disabilities, young parents, parents/carers, and the community in general.

Part of the wider YMCA movement, working in 150 countries; YMCA Neath is one of 22 Welsh associations. The building and land are freehold and owned by the YMCA Neath Board of Management.

YMCA Neath is unique. Established in 1875, YMCA Neath hosts an annual Good Friday Morning Breakfast and Service. This year’s 142nd Breakfast gave the Board of Management an opportunity to meet with friends and supporters, celebrate achievements, and communicate its vision for the year ahead.


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